Ramona K. Silipo
Spiritual Companion
Spiritual Mentor
1. I am a Benevolent Presence who  hears your story. I will reassure and support  you through careful listening, enquiry and responses, seeking to understand fully your personal story and circumstances.

2. I may remind you that life is a spiritual journey. When appropriate, I may have a conversation with you exploring that, whatever your circumstances, you are on a life-long journey of spiritual and personal development, expanding your heart and consciousness.

3. And I can help you develop your spiritual practice. When appropriate, I can help you explore skills, practices and understandings that will support you in self-managing your spiritual and personal journey with mature autonomy.
What does a Spiritual Mentor Do?
What do you talk about with a  Spiritual Mentor?
Here are  a few possibilities:

Pay attention when something in the present reminds you of a past experience, bringing up joy, sadness or anger; and ask yourself if there could be a new meaning or significance.

Look at parts of your life that invite discernment, decision or action.

Notice and celebrate where love, joy and commitment bring peace to you and others.

Delve into how your concept of "God," or your experience of Divine presence emerges, changes and shifts through your life.

What do you feel  in the places that are  sacred  or holy to you? How do the feelings affect your everyday activities and thoughts?

Share a powerful or unexpected experience of connection with other people or with nature.
To find out more about spiritual companionship and mentoring, and how you can benefit from it, please  e-mail me.
Client Comment:
Thank you for letting me go
so deep, but not too deep.